Technische Daten

Type:Multipurpose Vessel
Call sign:DDKM2
IMO No.:8650382
Mobile:+49 173 3243502
Class:LR 100 A1 SSC Cargo (A) Mono G3
Length:41,45 m
Breadth:8,09 m
Draught:max. 1.8 m
Displacement:330 t
Tonnage:263 GRT
Clear deck space:approx. 100 m²
Deck load:3 t/m²
Load capacity:20 t
Air draft over basis:22 m
Fuel consumption:transit with 8–9 knots: 2.1–2.6 m³/day
standby/port: 0.5 m³/day
Main engines:2 MAN type W8V 17.5/22 AmA each 257 kW at 850 rpm
Propulsion:2 Voith-Schneider type 14E/90, 4 blades 1,400 mm dia.
Generators:2 AEG G77 each 29 kW/230 V
2 AEG G97 each 65 kW/230 V
all coupled to the main engines
Auxiliaries:Still G206-34 34 kW/230 V
2 air compressor Hatlapa type L35 F, one with e-motor
Pramac P18000 18 kVA/400 V (on deck)
Bunker:24 m³ diesel, 20 m³ fresh water
Equipment:2 radar, GPS, echolot, electronic chart plotter, satellite compass, 3 VHF, AIS, navtex, medium range radio service / fire pump
Deck craneKampnagel type 9/3.5-8.5
max. lifting capacity (main hoist) SWL 9.0 t
max. radius at 9 t load 8.5 m
min. radius at 9 t load 3.5 m
max. hook height above deck 10.0 m
Deck equipment:mobile A-Frame at the aft SWL 1.0 t
gear tray for side scan and multibeam
additional buoy laying equipment is available
Accommodation:3 double crew cabins, 4 single crew cabins, survey / office room on the bridge level