MV Kugelbake

Technical data

Call sign:DFJE
IMO No.:9510747
Mobile:+49 151 14703124
Fax:+49 151 14769201
Class:GL+100 A5 M E Ro-Ro Ship,
equipped for carriage of containers
Length:79,30 m
Breadth:18,60 m
Draught:max. 3.84 m
Air draft over basis:22,96 m
Lightship:1,300 t
Deadweight:2,700 t
Displacement:3,900 t
Tonnage:1,868 GRT
Main engines:Caterpillar 1,908 kW
bow thruster: 2 Omega-Jet - 275 kW / 375 kW
stern thruster: NIL
propeller type: fixed 4 blades
Auxiliaries:Caterpillar 318 kVA
Cargo deck:52.5 m in length on 16.6 m in breadth
+8.5 m in length on 13.2 m in breadth
Deck load:15.5 t/m2
Load capacity of the ramp:trailer (2 axles): 15.5 t
road trailer (3 axles): 22.0 t
load on the ramp: 3.5 t/m2
Number of storing positions for
containers with average weight of 14 t:
20 ́container: 174 units
40 ́container: 96 units
(also possible on Bay 17: 16 units of 20 ́ containers)
Max. stack height4 layers in accordance with stabilisation program (GL)