Quality is always on Board

Many of our tasks are highly demanding; often, we carry out sensitive and valuable cargoes under difficult circumstances. Our customers must be able to rely on those cargoes being in good hands. Since 1999, our quality management has been fully certified. We are always up to date. Currently, our quality management system conforms with ISO Norm 9001:2015 and is accredited by DNV.

Safety first

In addition to this, the health and safety of our employees during execution of our work has the highest priority. We make sure to provide the right workplace outfits and to adhere to working time regulations. For us, avoiding accidents is one of our cardinal obligations. As of early 2020, we have been certified by DNV for ISO Norm 45001:2018.

Protecting the Environment

It is our goal to sustainably protect the environment and to avoid environmental harm while taking our economic needs into account. This isn’t just lip service: for years, our actions have spoken louder than our words. For example: all our fleet’s ships use shoreside power instead of being supplied via their diesel generators.

As of early 2020, we have been certified by DNV for ISO Norm 14001:2015.