On Course for Decades

It all started with lost anchors and Otto Wulf (born in 1887). That captain knew better than anyone the peculiarities and unique dangers inherent in the waters off the coast of Cuxhaven and in the Elbe. He had an unerring intuition for where to find and successfully salvage his customers’ anchors. With his skills, courage and determination, Otto Wulf also succeeded in rescuing many ships and crews from peril. That made him into a legend along the North Sea coast.

His salvage company, founded 1922 under his own name, was successful from day one. The unique combination of skill and care, courage and relentlessness, made Otto Wulf the first company to call for difficult challenges. As much larger competitors waved off, Otto Wulf would find a solution.

Our Philosophy: Always the Best Service and Open to New Ideas

The willingness to try out new things is a common thread throughout our history. Again and again, we have adapted to an evolving market and we have expanded into new fields. In addition to ship and anchor salvages and diving work, we began to perform harbor assistance for ships, ocean carriage of goods on barges and maritime escorts for vessels travelling the lower Elbe River.

When the construction of offshore wind parks began in the North Sea and in the Baltic, we were at hand with our branch offices in Cuxhaven and Rostock – from day one, we were partners for logistics and transportation of material and personnel. Taking risks and accepting new challenges to give the customer the highest level of service: that is what Otto Wulf stands for.


in the Fourth Generation

Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG is not a faceless corporation. Our company is and always has been medium-sized and family run. The Wulf family puts their name on the line when it comes to offering flexible, competent, fast and reliable high-performance services to its customers – even four generations later. Personal attention and long-term, trusting relationships are integral to our philosophy. On this basis, we will devise a tailored solution for you – around the clock, 365 days a year.