Even Stronger Together

What else may we do to help you? For the sake of providing optimized maritime services, Otto Wulf offers a broad performance spectrum, qualified employees and efficient equipment with a wide-range of possible deployments. Additionally, we maintain close, long-term partnerships with other companies, and this allows us to address specialized requirements as a “one stop shop”.

Wulf Seetransporte GmbH & Co. KG

Our subsidiary Wulf Seetransporte GmbH & Co. KG carries out the commercial and technical management for our own specialized vessel “KUGELBAKE”. The “KUGELBAKE” is a 79-meter-long deck carrier without cargo holds which can be loaded and unloaded via a roll on/roll off procedure. The ship was developed for the carriage of high and heavy cargo. We have been carrying airplane fuselage parts with the “KUGELBAKE” for the airplane manufacturer Airbus since 2009 between the manufacturing sites at Nordenham and Hamburg-Finkenwerder. She has also been used to transport complete nacelles and rotor blades for offshore wind farms or alternative heavy lift cargoes.

One of our barges, T.O.W. II, was integrated into Wulf Seetransporte GmbH & Co. KG in 2017. With its newly added hydraulic RoRo ramp and internal ballast system, it is now carrying out a long-term charter party for Airbus, executing transports between Stade-Bützfleth and Hamburg-Finkenwerder.

Bonn & Mees

For more than 125 years now, the Dutch company Bonn & Mees. our partner, has been focused on solutions involving the deployment of modern, high-performance floating cranes. The available equipment covers loads of up to 1,800 tons. The typical scope of deployment includes, e.g., building and decommissioning offshore constructs or transshipment of heavy lift cargo.

DBB Salvage & ROV Services

Danish DBB is a specialist for salvage work and other maritime services. For some 30 years now, it has carried out a broad spectrum of work in these fields.