Technische Daten

Class:RINA C + HULL pontoon; unrestricted navigation
Length:86.26 m
Breadth:27.43 m
Depth:6.10 m
Draught:max. 4.91 m
Draught lightship:1.07 m
Lightship weight:2,016 t
Deadweight:8,529 t
Tonnage:3,709 GRT
Uniform deck load:15 t/m2
Bulkheads:2 longitudinal, 8 transverse
Ballast tanks:27
Ballast system:1 diesel pump with a maximum capacity of 1,000 m3 per hour
Internal system installed at 8 tanks
Optional ramp system:breadth 7.78 m
length 6.97 m
Load capacity of the ramp:3.5 t/m2 (without acceleration)
Towing arrangement:at bow and stern each 2 Smit brackets with SWL 85 t
towing gear consisting of chain and bridle each with SWL 50 t
emergency towing line
Bollards:4 double bollards each side
Fenders:The sides are protected by tyre fenders secured with galvanized chains